Who wants to ride around wearing the same
brands & styles as the girls ? Not me


How to contact us ?

Contact us & we will reply quickly. - general enquiries or questions you can not find the answer to. - questions related to an order you have already placed.

Contact Form - if preferred.

Want to talk ? Contact us first to make a suitable time considering different time zones.

Find us on social media but direct email or contact form is best for enquiries or questions.


Who is RKiT ?

We're a new brand dedicated to producing men's performance road riding kit with no compromises. We offer proven modern styles that defy seasonal trends.

Located in Sydney Australia.

What's with the name RKiT ?

Pronouced R - KiT, it's a reflection of the brands philosophy. To offer road riding kit that is pragmatic, purposeful & not over designed. No euro-centric or creative agency name here.

RKiT is open to interpretation, it could mean road, riding or even race kit. Our kit is race able but you should be wearing your club or team kit for racing. A brand is not a club, join your local real cycling club.

What's your design process ?

It starts with only producing with quality dyed fabric. Printing ink onto generic white fabrics is not good enough. Our styles are developed in house & then we work directly with recognised industry leaders. Our first range was developed with three leading cycle clothing designers & manufacturers in Italy & China. We learnt this combined thorough approach produces better results & products.

Where are your materials from ?

All main materials are made in Italy including fabrics, pads, elastics and trims. We worked directly with all suppliers to custom design better raw materials for our purpose. Relying on contract manufacturers to source materials does not produce the best results, as they will often chose the easiest way, not the best. All our suppliers follow strict certified environmental & sustainability standards.

Where are your products made ?

Proudly made in China. Production & quality really matters to us. We learnt that quality does not belong to one country. Anyone can make the best, but also the worst. It's a combination of processes & people that will result in high quality. Research & persistence lead us to a recognised leading cycling apparel manufacturer in China. It's important that our manufacturer also follows strict social and environmental standards.

Will you offer women's kit ?

Not now but we have plans for a separate brand just for women with our signature style. Even in a more politically correct world it's still OK to celebrate the differences. After all, it's our differences are that makes us interesting. Gender specific brands are nothing new.

Why no story telling ?

When purchasing new clothes, do you want to stand around waiting for the store or marketing manager to tell stories about themselves or someone else ?. Probably not. We make great kit so you can share stories with your friends after a solid ride.


What pad is in the bib shorts ?

The finest men's road specific pad available, no compromises. Custom made for RKiT by the industry leader & performance specialist Elastic Interface. Who wants to ride with a generic mid range multi-purpose pad ? More information on the Kits & Bib Shorts product pages.

Can I split full kit sizes ?

We're unable to split full kit sizes. All garments in a kit are the same consistent size. You can order similar individual styles in different sizes, bib shorts, jerseys & base layers.

How does RKiT fit ?

Our kit is designed for a close fit. If you prefer a looser fit, consider ordering the next size up. We use a detailed universal sizing standard to make selecting your correct size easy. The models measurements are also provided on product pages.

See the detailed information & guide - Size & Fit

Can I get size advice ?

You sure can, contact us & we will reply quickly.

Provide your measurements, additional information & photos to assist -

Are the garments pre-shrunk ?

All our fabrics undergo a special pre-shrinking process to prevent shrinkage after washing. The fabrics will stretch slightly after several uses & this is normal.

How do I wash my kit ?

The same way as most cycle clothing. It's recommended to use a mesh wash bag where possible. Most importantly, turn all garments inside out & close zippers.

Follow the instructions on the label & also see them here - Wash & Care

" There's no point solving problems that don't really exist
or adding unused features to tell a story or justify the price

Order & Payments

What currencies are accepted ?

A currency converter is provided to display prices in other currencies & deduct 10% Australian GST (sales tax). We're located in Australia so all orders are processed in Australian dollars (AUD) during checkout. Your credit card provider, bank or financial institution will complete the currency conversion that shows on your statement.

Are payments secure & safe ?

Yes, they certainly are.

Credit card payments are processed through a secure encrypted checkout & the latest security technology is used to protect your information. PayPal payments are directed to the official PayPal site to securely log in.

See more payment security information - Payments & Orders


What about sales tax ?

International orders DO NOT pay 10% Australian sales (GST). The sales tax will be deducted when shopping in another currency or after selecting your country in the Checkout if shopping was done in Australian dollars (AUD).

Local sales tax may be charged in your country by local governments, customs or delivery agents.

Domestic orders shipped within Australia will include GST.

What payments can I use ?

You can pay with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

PayPal  Visa Mastercard American express

Get your return costs refunded with PayPal. Before paying, sign into your PayPal account & activate the returns refund service. It's free & easy to use with your PalPal account or sign up for one. PayPal will refund your return shipping costs up to eight times per year. Visit the official PayPal website for information - PayPal returns refund

Can I get help before ordering ?

You sure can, contact us & we will reply quickly. 

Contact Form or

How fast are orders processed ?

We process orders the same or next business after the order is received & payment is confirmed. Then we ship your order immediately after that.

Can I change my order ?

Yes if possible, we will try. We're unable to change your order or shipping address after it has been shipped. Shipping address must be the same address provided during Checkout.

Was my order successful ?

You will receive an order confirmation email soon after completing the checkout. If you do not receive confirmation, have a problem processing your order or are not sure payment was successful, contact us -

Where is my order ?

On it's way if you have received your shipping confirmation & tracking number. Delivery time is 1-4 business for domestic orders and 5-10 business days for international orders, depending on your location. Sometimes much sooner.

Shipping & Returns

Where are orders shipped from ?

All orders are shipped from Sydney Australia, as quickly as possible.

Do you ship international ?

Yes, we deliver to most countries worldwide. After selecting your items proceed to the checkout & enter your shipping information. If your country is not available, please contact us & we will help with your order if possible.

How is my order shipped ?

• Domestic orders within Australia are shipped by Express Post (Australia Post).

• International orders are shipped by Express Post (Australia Post) or DHL Express.

See more shipping information - Shipping

What's the shipping cost ?

We offer free or low cost flat rate shipping depending on your order total & location.

Free shipping for all kit orders.

See more shipping information - Shipping

How long will shipping take ?

This depends on your location. The times are estimates & often they arrive sooner.

• Domestic delivery time is 1-4 business days.

• International delivery time is 5-10 business days. 

Can I track my order ?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number after your order has been shipped. We ship orders the same or next business day after order & payment is confirmed.

What about Customs & duties ?

Taxes, duties, fees or tariffs in your country may be charged by local governments, customs or delivery agents. These charges are not included in the order total paid to RKiT & are the purchasers responsibility. Contact your local offices for information.

See more information - Shipping

What is your returns policy ?

You can make returns within 28 days after receiving your order.

See the Returns Policy - Returns Policy

How to return or exchange ?

It's easy, just follow the instructions & we will assist.

See the Returns Policy - Returns Policy

Who pays for returns ?

Get your return costs refunded with PayPal. Before paying, sign into your PayPal account & activate the returns refund service. It's free & easy to use with your PalPal account or sign up for one. PayPal will refund your return shipping costs up to eight times per year. Visit the official PayPal website for information - PayPal returns refund

Otherwise return shipping to be paid for by the customer. If an item(s) is faulty, damaged or you were sent the incorrect item, we will pay the return shipping costs & the shipping cost of the replacement item.

Why are there return costs ?

We treat all customers evenly. Brands that provide free returns build this cost into the purchase price. Why should you pay for returns or a service you don't use ?. Thanks for your understanding.


Size Guide


Use the most important body measurements to make selecting your correct size easy. The models measurements are also provided on all product pages to assist further.

If you have size or fit questions before ordering, email us & we will answer quickly - Provide your measurements & photos for size advice.

To ensure the best fit use the two largest body measurements. They are CHEST for tops and HIPS-LOW for bottoms. The common waist measurement is usually the smallest torso measurement for road cyclists so has the least affect on fit.

Use the important measurements shown in blue. Simply measure the circumference of your CHEST and HIPS-LOW as shown on the diagram, then compare to the size chart. These two measurements will be similar for most road cyclists. Waist measurements are also provided for your use.

We use an international sizing standard developed by a recognised apparel sizing specialist. With this information the sizes were developed with three leading cycling apparel designers. All patterns were designed & developed together to ensure consistent fit across all styles.

Designed for a close to skin fit & made with the highest quality four-way stretch performance fabrics. All fabrics undergo a special pre-shrinking process to prevent shrinkage after washing. The fabrics will stretch slightly after use & this is normal.