About (R‑KiT)


Thanks for visiting, I'm Michael. RKiT is authentic to road cycling, focused on serving experienced riders and offers performance riding kit with our signature styles that defy trends. Usually I like to keep things simple but also want to be genuinely transparent and inform customers, not just skip over important details or information you might find interesting.

RKiT is a men’s road cycling brand first and foremost. Over recent years road cycling has been diluted by unisex lifestyle or fashion brands catering to all comers, chasing trends and serving up seasonal fast fashion. RKiT is designed for confident riders who are not captured by this or have moved on. It’s for riders who work hard on the bike and focus on riding.

Most cycling brands won’t or are afraid to cater for specific customers, resulting in weakened identity and compromised products. RKiT is dedicated to road cycling and does not offer products that dilute this commitment. We won’t try to shape your riding identity and experiences, but instead provide great kit allowing you to create your own.

" I've used cycling kit to tell a story about who I am.
Now I'm ready to tell the story myself."

To truly offer real quality you need to know what it is, so I worked with the industries best and learnt. There is no short cuts, I could not properly learn behind a laptop communicating with distant contract manufacturers. Armed with determination and humility, I travelled to Europe and Asia numerous times. There is no quaint villages and artisan producers. It’s motorways, industrial parks and long hours. I did it properly, the hard way and learnt more each time.

Patiently, I worked with well known manufacturers in Italy. I learnt not to rely on reputations alone and that quality does not belong to one country. It’s a combination of processes and people that produces real quality. RKiT must have the best manufacturer and I would not compromise. Research and persistence lead me to a recognised leading cycling apparel manufacturer in China. Our kit is made using production reserved for established luxury brands, producing real quality.

All fabrics and raw materials are custom made for RKiT in Italy by industry leading specialist suppliers. I worked directly with every supplier to source the best, only reaching for the top shelf. Relying on contract manufacturers for sourcing does not always produce the best results as they are not so invested in the final product. I did the research and work. Along the way built valuable direct relationships that helps produce better riding kit for you.

" The kit is purposeful and understated.
It's secondary to the identity it reinforces."

There you have it, I have a real understanding of all RKiT products. I am 100% involved in the design and development. Every last detail including our signature style, the specially developed decorative sewing. Hopefully you appreciate the thorough approach taken to offer a distinctive selection of purposeful men's road kit. The current styles are just the start so visit often and sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

If you made it this far, thanks for your interest.



Size Guide


Use the most important body measurements to make selecting your correct size easy. The models measurements are also provided on all product pages to assist further.

If you have size or fit questions before ordering, email us & we will answer quickly - info@rkit.cc. Provide your measurements & photos for size advice.

To ensure the best fit use the two largest body measurements. They are CHEST for tops and HIPS-LOW for bottoms. The common waist measurement is usually the smallest torso measurement for road cyclists so has the least affect on fit.

Use the important measurements shown in blue. Simply measure the circumference of your CHEST and HIPS-LOW as shown on the diagram, then compare to the size chart. These two measurements will be similar for most road cyclists. Waist measurements are also provided for your use.

We use an international sizing standard developed by a recognised apparel sizing specialist. With this information the sizes were developed with three leading cycling apparel designers. All patterns were designed & developed together to ensure consistent fit across all styles.

Designed for a close to skin fit & made with the highest quality four-way stretch performance fabrics. All fabrics undergo a special pre-shrinking process to prevent shrinkage after washing. The fabrics will stretch slightly after use & this is normal.